Schools built and handed over to the Ministry of National Education

Tenzile Ana Primary School and Tenzile Ana Secondary School (Van-Erciş)

Tenzile Hanim

Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN – Tenzile Ana Primary School and Secondary School Building openning ceramony

Mehmet Rıfat Evyap Anatolian Technical and Industrial Vocational High School (Ayazağa)

evyap endüstri meslek

Hedise Evyap Primary School (İzmit)

hedise evyap

Mürüvvet Evyap Rehabilitation Center for the mentally handicapped (Kocaeli)
mürüvvet evyap


Evyap Hamidiye Mosque (Ayazağa)


Abdülvehhab Evvab Mosque (Kanlıca)

abdulvahab evyap

Support Projects

Süleymaniye Manuscript Library Digital Conversion Project

Project aims to preserve 80.000 manuscripts and total 120.000 books converted as a digital books.

kutuphane-1el-yazma3                                            el-yazma1 el-yazma2

Support Projects

We are here for those in need of Evyap!
Evyap is a company that has made its goal to create products that is easy to reach and make the user happy for the past 88 years. In light of its vision “to present the best personal-care products…

In the data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUİK) in 2014, 15% of the Turkish population is below the poverty line. Our goal is to make wasted surplus products, close to expiration date products available to underprivileged part of the Turkish population with the food banking system and contribute to the poverty problem by this solution.

Past Projects
  • Activex: Healthy Hands, Happy Kids Project!
  • Use Soap & Water for Protection!
  • Social Responsibility Project by Duru.
  • Take an Action Before it’s too late!
  • Support to the Daddy Send Me to School Project
  • Take an Action with TEMA Project
  • HAMAM and BERBER Exhibition at the Topkapı Palace
  • Hygienic Education with the support of Duru
  • Support the Education at Körfez by Evyap
  • 3. Black Sea Regional Youth Congress sponsored by Evyap Evyap Sponsorluğunda 3.Karadeniz Gençlik Kongresi
  • Map support to the schools in the Eastern Region of Turkey with the collaboration of Atlas Magazine and Evyap
  • Archeological Research Center in Van, supported by Evyap