Being an Evyap Employee
Evyap’s Culture is:
  • To be able to change old habits
  • To be able to predict the future
  • Making collaborations
  • To put increasing internal/external customer satisfaction and meeting their needs in the center of all activities
  • Being competent at work
  • Being results oriented
  • To raise the bar in every condition
  • Working with team spirit


Evyap, through the eyes of our employees
  • For some it is the mother’s soft touch who moisturized her hands with Arko, to others it is the scent of a loved one with Emotional/Privacy perfume, but for some people it is quick and comfortable shaving preparation to work with Gibbs and maybe a baby’s wonderful smile who feels safe and comfortable wearing Evy Baby diapers. Being an Evyap employee is to know that you are touching all those lives and somehow personally contributing in doing so…

  • I’m working in a company that was not limited within the boundaries of Turkey, competing with worldwide biggest competitors by using all resources properly. Communicating our service quality approach with other people from different countries has proven that we are following the right business attitude and this attitude is treated with respect in the markets we operate. Knowing the dynamics of the international markets we operate, there is no doubt of success as long as we try our best to establish our respectful and reliable partner image!

  • Love and team oriented work

  • For me being an Evyap employee is to serve my country. The ability to fight with international brands.